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The Field House was formally a hen house until mid nineteen-forties when it was transformed into a house and has since been extended and additional outhouses erected. We have 2 acres of adjacent pasture which is sufficient to support the 32 animals that now comprise the HART (Hawkswick Animals aRe Therapy) sanctuary to help children to cope with difficult situations such as illness, disabilities and bereavement. The three mini donkeys are central to this work due to their docile nature and their love of being handled, groomed and cuddled. Currently we also have seven hens, six ducks, five alpacas, five pygmy goats, two dogs, two cats and a giant rabbit.  Visitors to the Bothy can visit the animals by arrangement and only under the owner’s supervision. Any visiting dog needs to be on a lead within the sanctuary.

We welcome children here by appointment and take the mini donkeys, alpacas and pygmy goats out to hospices, special schools, fetes, churches and so on